It was difficult when I started
Never thought that it would be so complicated
Cut the shames and start socialization
End the whispering and start talking
Put up self - esteem
Turn on the music too ...
Inspiration for this poem
Or, to make the future on my own, and ...
No one car raise his hand to stop my head.
In the beginning it was very difficult
Now it is very easy, because I met other people and I say :
Can you help me?
Exception one, all aswers yes
Party here I go
Today is in school
I feel good because I'm happy
Oh! school is very big
No, I'm not scared because I'm strong!
I never had many friends,
Nor have I been a favourite, but
Certainly, I will meet someone to love me,
Everyday someone holds my hands,
Puts in my heart the joy of living, and
Teaches me to win
In all the friends I met
Our true friends will be there
No matter if I am poor!!
In Winter my heart feels colder
New clothes and routines have to begin
Cold and wind are king and queen
Each day gets colder and colder more
Perhaps snow can fall harder than ever before
Together we talk in comfort of friendships
In conversations our hearts get united
On chairs and stairs, our happiness soars
Now my heart begins to feel the heat of love
By: Pedro
(The best I can do, I don´t really have a poethic vein, right? XD)
I think that inception is the beginning of something
Now, I'm thinking
Can we know the beginning of everything?
Everything has a start, but sometimes we don't know it
Philosophy of life is not always clear for us
There are many beginnings out there, and now ...
I'm confused
Never mind, I'll never understand what an inception is!
By: Carolina Piloto, nº1
It´s the start of something new
Now that I found my soulmate
Could you ever say you love me
Even if you hate me in some way
Part of want you
The other part reject
It´s this confusion that makes my mind go crazy
Only because the entirely of my heart wants of
No one can stop our blind, stupid, adventure love story
By: Beatriz Figueiredo, nº5
Inception of Love
Nobody is ready
Comes slowly
Ends fast
Pain hurts
Tears fall
Intense feelings
Once in the heart
Nobody forgets
By: Rita Ladeira, nº26

Imagination makes things look better
Nature is building and it's always transforming
Could a dream become reality?
Expose my thoughts to the world
Put my dreams into yours
To the feelings become the same
In my mind
Or yours
Nothing can stop it.
By: Catarina Lourenço nº 12