Imagine a flower blooming in winter
No one touching it
Calling for you in a whisper
Entering her world of fantasy
Puts you in another galaxy
Too distorted to be true
In your heart and mind
On earth or heaven
No one will ever leave her alone.
BY: Carolina :)

In the origin of love
No one thought of it.
Can this be creation?
Everyone wondered.
People knew so much,
Tried to understand.
Is this really true?
Or pure imagination?
No one ever found out.
By: Francisca Reis*

Inception... Everything has a beginning
Night has its sunset
Clouds start with a single drop of water.
Evolution needs inception to make sense...
Probably that's why we exist.
The end... Does it exist or...
Is it just the start of something new?
Only you know the answer
Nobody else knows...
By: Maria de F�tima (:

In this world
No one will help you out
Corruption is the base of it
Emptiness is what you'll feel
Populariy is needed
To sucess, sometimes
In your life you'll have to use your
Options to survive, isn't espected from you
Nothing less then hard work and will to do it.
By: Nuno Ferreira

In the beginning no one believed
Nobody trusted me
Creating the impossible has always been possible
Everything has a solution
Passion and Motivation were the words
Tried too many times but no results
Inspired in the best ones and growing everyday
Once the dream became reality
Nothing is impossible everything can be possible
By: Francisco Loureiro

In the middle of nowhere
Nobody can hear you
Crawling is not an option
Enthusiasm is gone
Probably you want to give up
Try to hear the voices in your head
Inception is coming
Only you can decide
Now you are a hero
By: In�s Neto

I'm starting a new beginning
New year, new friends, new life
Can't help feel excited
Expectations are several
Prepare my future career
Try to overcome the obstacles
Iniciate another journay
Overcome what comes around
Nothing will stop me to try
By: C�tia Marques

I carry your heart with me
Now and for ever
Close your eyes and remember
Everything that we lived
Painted your name in the sky
To see it every day
I carry your heart with me
One of the things most precious to me
Now and forever

In the beginning of that Zoo
Nothing looks the same, animals are strange
Crocodiles become pink
Elephants are eating butterflies
Penguins are loving the sun
Turtles are fighting with tigers
Imagine snakes dancing energically
Only the giraffes are acting normally
Nothing makes sense on that day, what would you do?
By: Ana Azevedo Pinto :)

In this crazy world
Nothing is what it seems
Crazy people begin things without thinking
End things without a reason
Projects are left in the middle
Tears are as common as leaves
In this crazy world
Options are so many
Nobody knows how to choose
BY: Beatriz

Is a blast
No one was here to see
Changed everything
Everyone comes out of that
Painted the world in its own way
Terribly bright
Is a Big Bang
Opened all the doors
Never seen anything like it
By: Daniela Amaral (:
I'm starting a new life
New years will begin
Create new methods
Encourage me in my career choice
Preparing for the future
Trying to overcome my difficulties
Idealizing my future life
Other friends, other teachers, other people
Nothing is impossible!
By: Filipa Borges
No one can stop it
Coming slowly
Everyone knows it
Prepare yourself for it
Take one step at a time
Imagine good things
Once you started you have to finish
No, you can't give up
BY: Rafaela Lopes

If you live in a world where nothing is what you want to see
Nothing's ever how you want it to be,
Come to the land where you're free!!!
Everything you ever wanted to be,
Put it all behind your back.
Try it; with no presidents, no kings;
Imagine wonders and follow the track.
On the world of all things
Nothing you'll ever lack.
// Renato
P.S - "On" devia ser "In".

In the beginning
Nobody can deny the true word
Carry the world with a word can make a better life
End the true life to know the world
Protect your eyes with a smile
Try all the words to protect you
In the beginning
Once the true world is in your life
Nobody can take away your word

By: Zé Miguel

In the beginning
Nobody feels freedom
Could be a war
Everyone was strange
People who never had a chance
Then, they fought
I could hold the tears in my hands
Only silence, has it's ending
Now we will win and be free.

By: Ana Amaral :)