In winter time
No one comes outside without a coat
Christmas makes everybody happy
Ending with a lot of lov e
Please bring me a hot chocolate
The wind is freezing me
In bed could be better
Outside there's too much light
Never let sleep at night

Miguel Santos Nº13

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍In this new etap

Now we need to work

Confused and lost at the beginning

Every one will grow up

People will meet

Thank you we will say to the end

Impossible to know what the future await us

Older we will be

Never leave to finish what you started‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍

Inês Marques nº10

Inception is the beggining of something.

New school year, for example.

Classmates that came from other schools,

Expectations for the future,

People we see for the first time.

Talking about our holidays,

Imagining new things.

Our life's best years start

Now that school began.

Margarida Mota nº2

I t's when something's born
N ew things appear
C apable of changing all the rest
E levate them to the top
P robably when
T hey started so
I nsignificant!
O ptimism and courage, it's what we
N eed to begin something!


In our original world
Nothing is said, everything felt
Can you understand that?
Expectation are high
People tell you what you should do
Then, never care about you
If you want to be anything more
"Obviously not", but if you really want it, you don't need

Nothing else, just be yourself! By: Sílvia Cardoso nº20

I nserting an idea,

N ot an easy task

C reating a dream

E xternal actions

P ontential changes

T o do, not ask

I nception means power

O n the edges of our

N everendless imagination

By: Rafael Ferreira Nº15

I n the beginning of this school year

N ew things I´m going to learn and see

C lose friends I'll make

E veryday is a new day with new possibilities

P ressure will take us down

T houghts about the future

I n our minds

O nce I've fitted in

N othing can stop me now.

Sofia Mota nº21

I wake up in the morning feeling good

Nothing can stop me

Crazy is the word that describe me

Each day of my life

Pink dreams

The music is my destiny

Impossible is not in my dicionary

Optimistic for the future

Never give up.

Ana Sousa nº3